Like we said, ADfx Group is a local website design company that focuses its efforts on design great site for local businesses.  We are located in Reading, PA with roots in Olean, NY.
We offer an array of services including graphic design, WordPress customization, and hosting.

Started by Michael Dolan, we have over 15 years of experience with web development and technologies as well as business process analysis.  We can help you translate your business into the digital world without breaking the bank.

I could not have asked for more for my personal website.  Clean, fast and easy to manage.  ADfx Group did a stellar job on the design, graphics and the even host the site.  Fantastic!!!

Michael Dolan

Thank you so much ADfx!!  My site is just what I wanted and you did all the work.  Fast and easy.  Mobile friendly and everything.  Love it!!!

Janet Sutton

Owner, Smooth Facials and Waxing